DELTACOILS was founded in 1990 and manufactures of finned pack heat exchangers.

The finned pack heat exchangers are manufacted on specific customers’ drawings using high quality production processes: automatic straightening, cutting and bending of the tubes; shearing of the fins according to the required layout and spacing; mechanical expansion of the tubes, guaranteeing the perfect coupling to the fins; welding performed be special automatic machinery or manually; product testing including pressure test by the introduction of dry air in accordance with PED directory.

DELTACOILS employs three geometries: 25x25, 25x22, 30x26 and manufactures heat exchangers up to 12000mm of length and realizes also bent coils. The standard uses materials are smooth/grooved copper tubes, aluminum fins (prepainted as well as hydrophilic) and copper. 

Our company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and can produce heat exchangers on demand in accordance with UL mark for the North American market.